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Car Detailing Tomball, TXMaybe you can’t find a car wash and your water has been cut off. Or maybe you live in an area where your water is restricted from us because of an environmental issue. What ever the case, just know that there is a way to wash your car without using water. In fact, there are FIVE ways to do this, and our Car Detailing Tomball, TX professionals are about to reveal them all here, to make sure you are covered when there is no water around to use. 

First, you’ll need a few microfiber towels and some car washing solution that doesn’t require H2O. You can find these car washing chemicals without water at any AutoZone or O’Reilly’s store. The first thing you’ll want to do, as recommended by our esteemed Car Detailing Tomball, TX experts, is to spray a good amount of car washing cleaner on your car. Start at the top of your car and spray your way down. 

You’ll want to start at the top because most of the dirt and debris is located at the bottom of your car, so you’ll want your towel to be as clean as possible for the heavy stuff at the bottom. Use another towel to wipe away the solution you just sprayed over your car. Once you do this, you’ll notice the debris just be lifted away, almost like magic. A disappearing act, if you will. 

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Once you’ve finish the first round, our Car Detailing Tomball, TX professionals recommend going another round, for good measure. Keep spraying your car washing solution in mists over your car. Be mindful of how dirty your towel gets. Once it starts to collect enough dirt to blacken, simply fold it over and use a clean side. As it begins to thicken and darken completely, you’ll want to use a brand new towel over your car. 

Use a brand new towel to dry you vehicle. You need to use a completely dry, unused towel because this is the best way to absorb any excess moisture left over from the car washing solution you sprayed. This will also prevent swirl marks and water marks from being imprinted on your vehicle’s surface. Keep looking at your towel as you clean. Your towel pretty much tells you how dirty your car still is, or how clean. If there is a light gray collection of dirt, then your car is almost completely clean. In a city like Tomball, TX you’ll want to ride around in a clean ride.