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Car Detailing Cypress, TXYou’d be surprised what some of your everyday household items are capable of when you apply some good old fashioned creativity. Let’s take a look at some tricks of the trade for you to go out right after you read this and excitedly experiment with this solutions and tips. These have all been tried by our experienced Car Detailing Cypress, TX professionals, but aren’t guaranteed to work for you. However, we have found that they will work 9 times out of ten if applied correctly. 

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Good old reliable baking soda. For decades, baking soda has been used from everything to keeping food fresh in the fridge, to whitening teeth, to cleaning kitchens. Well, you can add another use for it now: cleaning your car. All you need is a quarter of baking soda, a quarter of Palmolive, and about a gallon of water. Mix all three together and shake it aggressively in a gallon. Boom. You have yourself a grade A concoction of car cleaning chemicals. 

Our Car Detailing Cypress, TX experts are experienced and reputable. So you can take with confidence any advice they give you about car detailing. One of the more popular tidbits is the use of tartar to break up accumulated dirt and junk on your car’s windshield. Just spread some over the dirty area, and use soap and water to clean. Then, simply let it dry. 

Any reputable Car Detailing Cypress, TX expert will tell you that you don’t need car wax to make your vehicle shine with a polished look. Try adding kerosene in a cup to three gallons of water. Use a sponge to apply to the surface of your automobile. This way, you won’t have to worry about rainwater sitting and drying on the paint of your car, leaving pesky marks and skids. With this solution, you’ll rest assured knowing that the coat of solution it leaves on your car will repel rain effectively. 

Now that you know how to concoct these solutions, you can apply them expertly to your car. It’s smart to keep these ingredients around because when you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a small bottle of cleaning fluids, you now have the recipe to make gallons of it. Not only that, but these solutions, you’ll find, might actually be more effective than the products you find at your local automotive store! Proudly Servicing: Houston TX, Katy TX, The Woodlands TX, Sugarland TX, Cypress TX, Tomball TX, Kingwood TX